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Flynn vs. a hunk? Who has the better goatee?


vote only based on the GOATEE!

This is what happens when I ask you guys for help and you give me a big fat heaping of NOTHING

  1. maidofkarkat answered: Eugenes.
  2. fuckyeahtangled answered: FlynnFlynnFlynn
  3. colonel-ornery answered: Phoebus
  4. silverxshadow answered: Phoebus… BUT FLYNN IS SEXIER!
  5. ipackmycase answered: Phoebus
  6. understandurownideas answered: Phoebus!!! It’s definitely more manly!
  7. shieldofvirtue answered: Flynn. Phoebus’ is a little too….much for a goatee.
  8. dogsofbabel answered: Flynn
  9. squirtwig answered: PHOEBUS
  10. anoliveandanarrow answered: flynn
  11. pumpkinspicequinn answered: Flynn
  12. librarienne answered: Flynn Ride, though its a little hard to decide as most goatees look like chin vaginas.
  13. jquizonb answered: flynnnnnnn
  14. jessica67 answered: Flynn!
  15. giovianiux answered: flynn
  16. bellmandi86 answered: Flynn 83
  17. waking--up answered: phoebus’! …wait is this closed? idec, phoebus better win
  18. saint-ucci answered: Phoebus, no competition!
  19. paintmedreaming answered: I love flynn, but I’d have to say Phoebus has the better goatee
  20. brieshante answered: flynn
  21. owlsneakers answered: Flynn
  22. prettypieceoffiction answered: I say Flynn :)
  23. poehleroids answered: Flynn!
  24. perksofbeingthemockingjay answered: Flynn!!
  25. celebrateaworldofmagic answered: Flynn!!
  26. welcometotheedgeoftheworld answered: Phoebus
  27. ineededrepair answered: flynn
  28. thelastthingiamisspecial answered: Phoebus.
  29. madame-gaston answered: Flynn
  30. dylanliferuinerobrien answered: flynn
  31. fairwondrous answered: Flynnnnn!
  32. brinawn answered: Phoebus
  33. eff-lorescent answered: Flynnn. Phoebus’ doesn’t match his hair. D:
  34. octoberkhaleesi answered: I love Flynn and his Goatee looks AMAZING on him and I’d never change it BUTTT I have ALWAYS loved Phoebus’s FAcial hair. Phoebus wins for me
  35. queennadine answered: Phoebus
  36. nsfgs answered: flynn
  37. disneyobsessedtheatergeek answered: Flynn’s is forgetable. It’s gotta go to Phoebus.
  38. hello-my-name-is-emily answered: Flynn!
  39. evildarija answered: Flynn
  40. fromkittytokaren answered: Flynn, but not by much.
  41. djgracy answered: Phoebus
  42. susannappreciates answered: phoebus!^^
  43. smilesareuniversal answered: PHOEBUS!! The BEAUTIFUL PHOEBUS!!!!!!!
  44. onelostgirlinneverland answered: Flynn!
  45. jetara answered: PHOEBUS
  46. sherlockscotts answered: Flynn!
  47. mumble-gumble answered: Phoebus
  48. without-a-net-madellaine answered: Um um um! Why must you make me choose! ;n; They both pull it off in their own way!!